7 Important Things to Consider When Getting PRFM Under Eye Treatments

Hearing “oh, you look tired” can ruin someone’s day in mere seconds, but how do you actually prevent it from happening?

If you have tear troughs under your eyes, you surely know they are there, and you wish you could do something about them.  A tear trough is that sunken and tired appearance sometimes with puffy under-eye bags that make you look a lot older than you really are. It occurs when we lose natural volume and contour from genetics or just when we get older.

If you are looking for a tear trough fix, here are 7 important things to consider when contemplating PRFM Undereye Treatments.

The Consultation Is Super Important

doctor examining patients face.

Start by completing some due diligence and find a board-certified professional like an experienced injector at a reputable medical spa. Read as much as you can and check out all their reviews. The purpose of the consult is to find out if you are a good candidate for PRFM under eye treatments, so you’ll want to be sure you have someone knowledgeable.

Learn about all the possible side effects, the risks, and how often you will need follow-up treatments to maintain your results. Not everyone who thinks the PRFM therapies will work for them may be a candidate and need an alternate treatment.

Only this visit with Blue Seas Med Spa will give you all the answers.

Be Sure You and Blue Seas Med Spa Are in Sync

Be sure your expectations are clear and attainable. You want a natural result, but be aware that the periorbital area is quite sensitive. The injections must occur above the bone, but below the muscle. There are many veins in this area and an injection into a vein could be problematic.

Look at before and after photos of other patients to be sure they are compatible with your desires. Don’t move ahead unless you are satisfied with the quality and safety of the procedure and the injector.

Your Treatment Comfort Will Be Tolerable.

No need to panic. Everyone feels pain differently and has various tolerance levels, but expect to feel a pinch and some pressure. Be sure not to take any aspirin or ibuprofen prior to the injections which would induce bruising. No fish oil supplements or alcohol are typically permitted for a few days, though each medical provider has different protocols. Go home to relax, and by the next day you should feel just fine.

Know What Will Happen When Getting PRFM Under Eye Treatments

A Blue Seas Med Spa professional will remove all your makeup and clean your face with a medical grade cleanser and an antimicrobial to prevent infection. There are two ways to inject the under eye filler: 1) a direct injection which is more precise, and 2) using a cannula with a tube above the cheekbone, which can decrease any bruising.
The process includes the following steps:

  • The injections are done slowly and in stages to prevent swelling.
  • You remain sitting upright so the injector can assess results as he or she works, and to determine the number of injections needed.
  • The process takes approximately 15-30 minutes after numbing.
  • Ice will be applied to reduce bruising and swelling.
  • Afterward do not wear makeup or touch your eyes.

What You Can Expect Afterwards

You should experience maximum benefits within a few  weeks after injection. Commonly there will be some swelling that might look like you’ve gone through the worst allergy season or have just had a good cry. Anything more noticeable, you should call your physician.

The results commonly last from 6-12 months after our final treatment which is typically a series of 3 treatments.

Be Aware of Side Effects

Bruising and swelling is normal, so continue to ice the area for the next 24 hours. Don’t work out for a day or two so you can relax and reduce the risk of any extra bruising.

Rarely, you can experience an infection or a reaction to the treatment.

PRFM Undereye treatment may be exactly the cosmetic procedure you have been searching for.

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