Laser Hair Removal in Naperville, IL

Laser Hair Removal, offered by Blue Seas Med Spa, is an effective procedure for those wanting to reduce unwanted hair, or to minimize the frequency of shaving and waxing. This non-invasive treatment is most often performed on the face, neck, axillae (underarms), bikini, and legs while the back, chest, areola, abdomen, arms, fingers, and toes can be treated as well. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort and risk. It is the perfect treatment for those wanting to reduce unwanted hair while still enjoying their regular daily activities. Call our med spa clinic in Naperville to schedule an appointment.

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What Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Feel Like?

Laser Hair Removal treatments are approximately 5-60 minutes depending on the treatment area. Your skin will be cleansed prior to beginning the treatment. You will be provided protective eye shields or glasses to wear during the treatment. A cool gel will be applied to the treatment area on the skin. The light device will then be applied to the skin in a pattern of pulses. Although the treatment is tolerable, most clients assimilate the feel of Laser Hair Removal to small rubber bands snapping on the skin. This feeling only lasts during the treatment application. For those with sensitive skin (depending on the size of the treatment area), you may apply a topical anesthetic for 30 minutes prior to treatment to reduce discomfort. Once complete, the skin will feel and appear warm like a blushing sensation. The gel will be removed from the area, your skin will be cleansed again and skincare will be applied. Sunblock will also be applied, as you will be sun sensitive. You may apply makeup immediately following and go about your regular daily activities, avoiding excessive sun exposure.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Laser Hair Removal is an intricate process due to the complexity of a body’s hair.

To begin, laser has only been approved for temporary removal and permanent hair reduction, not permanent removal due to a body’s tendency to produce new hair follicles. Your hair is naturally growing at a certain pace, and could be in one of 3 stages of growth (anagen, catagen and telogen). Each hair, no matter what method of removal, is at a different phase of growth; as you may have previously noticed, your hairs do not all grow back at the same time when removed by waxing, threading or tweezing.

Laser hair removal.

How Does the Treatment Work?

In order to destroy a hair follicle (cause it to permanently not grow back), the hair must be targeted during the anagen phase of growth, and the hair must effectively absorb that energy for the reaction to occur. For these reasons, hair removal is performed in a series of treatments, with a different range of time between treatments depending on the average pace of growth based on the area of the body. New cells that become hair follicles can also develop as time passes, therefore maintenance treatments are recommended to treat new hair growth.

Because you cannot identify which hair is in which growth phase, to effectively treat the unwanted hair, light is applied to the collective area instead of each individual follicle so that the hairs that are in the anagen phase all have the opportunity to absorb the light energy. Those that are not in the anagen phase will not be affected by the treatment, and will be targeted at a different session. As the light is applied to the skin, the pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light energy. Over the few months of treatment, the hair will gradually become sparser, often thinner and lighter as well.

Treatments are generally recommended in a series of 5-10 sessions, performed 3-8 weeks apart (again depending on body area) for optimal results. Bikini and Axillae respond fastest while finer, lighter hair responds slowest. Results vary by individual. Some clients may require more treatments.

How Is This Hair Removal Procedure Different Than Other Hair Removal Procedures?

Electrolysis targets each individual hair follicle using an electrical current to destroy the hair shaft and bulb. Again, the hair must be in the anagen phase in order to respond to this treatment. Laser treatments target the general area all at once.

Waxing, tweezing and threading remove the hair from the skin, but do not cause destruction of the follicle or change the growth pattern.

Shaving, although often misunderstood, only cuts down the hair present on the surface of the skin. It does not increase hair growth, but keeps all hairs present within the skin until they naturally fall out and begin their growth cycle again


What Equipment/Product Do You Use?

At Blue Seas, Med Spa we use a state-of-the-art diode laser handpiece from the company Lumenis called the LightSheer. Your treatment provider will tailor your treatment depending on the body area, your skin type, and hair type.

What Hair Types Can the Treatment Improve?

The equipment that we use can improve:

  • Brown or Black hair
  • Blond hair

Grey and red hairs rarely respond to laser hair removal treatments.

Where on the Face and Body Can the Treatments be Performed?

Laser Hair Removal is most often performed on the:

  • face
  • neck
  • axillae (underarms)
  • bikini
  • legs

We are also able to treat the back, chest, areola, abdomen, arms, fingers, and toes as well.

What is the Pre-Treatment Care?

Please follow the recommended skincare regimen as directed by your Consultation Coordinator or Provider.

It is most important to make sure that the treatment area is not exposed to the sun for 2 weeks prior to treatment. This includes tanning beds, self-tanners and any pigment enhancing process for the skin. Sun exposure will make the skin sensitive to absorbing the treatment light more easily, which increases risk for potential side effects. Daily use of sunblock with SPF30 or higher will assist in reducing sun exposure, but will not do enough if you are regularly outside. If your skin is tan at the time of treatment, or if you had recent exposure to the sun (ie: watching a soccer game, baseball game), your provider will delay your treatment to a later date to reduce risk of side effects. Please discuss with your Provider if any medications or supplements need to be discontinued prior to care as well.

Please shave the area before each treatment. Do not wax, tweeze, or thread treatment areas as this will reduce the outcome.

What is the Post-Treatment Care?

Please follow the recommended skincare regimen as directed by your Consultation Coordinator or Provider. Additionally, avoid sun exposure for two weeks following each treatment as you will be more sun sensitive and could compromise the results of the treatment and increase side effects.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal?

The best candidates for this procedure are those with normal pattern hair growth who want to reduce unwanted hair. Those candidates should also have realistic expectations and be committed to improving their skin and maintaining results under the direction of a skincare professional. Please note this procedure is not recommended for pregnant women. Women with hormonal imbalances may also have a difficult time reducing hair and should seek advice of their endocrinologist and/or gynecologist.
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Can All Skin Types Be Treated?

Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI (dark black skin) and some Skin Types V (moderately dark skin) are not normally treated with this technology.

What Results Are Expected?

With the recommended series of treatments, proper sun exposure and skin care, one should expect an overall reduction in their hair. Areas of darker, coarser hair generally respond faster and better than areas of fine, light hair. Your Consultation Coordinator or Provider will discuss with you in more detail during your one-on-one consultation.

When Can You Expect Results?

The hair will gradually fall out or “shed” over the couple weeks after each treatment. Results gradually develop with each treatment.

We measure results based on the goals of the consultation and with clinical photography. Your Consultation Coordinator and/or Provider will assess your results throughout your treatment program. Photos of the treatment area will be taken prior to your first treatment and at the completion of the program. Additional photographs may be taken as needed.

What Are Things To Consider In Choosing To Have This Treatment? Are There Potential Risks or Side Effects?

Slight discomfort is associated with the treatment, similar to the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. This sensation does not continue after treatment. There is minimal if any downtime with each treatment, although side effects are possible.

With any light therapy treatment, there are potential side effects. Minimizing sun exposure before and after treatment minimizes risk of side effects. There are also certain medications and supplements that can cause you to be more photosensitive and could affect the results of the treatment. You must advise your Consultation Coordinator and Provider of any changes in medical history. Side effects can include:

  • erythema (or redness/flushing) of the skin for up to 48 hours following treatment
  • edema (mild swelling
  • hyper (dark) or hypo (light) pigmentatio
  • blisters, which if treated improperly can lead to infection and scars
  • striping (a pattern of irregularly treated skin) which generally resolves with consecutive treatments
  • mild bruising
  • cold sores (if you are already prone to Herpes Simplex Virus in the treated area)
  • new hair growth (in rare cases, more hair can grow in the treatment area, most often seen in Skin Type V in facial areas)

Why Should I Receive This Treatment From Blue Seas Med Spa?

You should receive treatments from Blue Seas Med Spa for multiple reasons. We have highly skilled professionals with excellent client satisfaction. We are very cautious with treatments taking all necessary steps to ensure safety and efficacy. We pride ourselves in our client services, creating relationships that make our clients our number one referral source. We are under the medical direction of Dr. Christopher Olson.

How Much Does This Treatment Cost?

The cost of Laser Hair Removal varies depending on treatment area. Treatment packages are available for additional treatment savings. A specific cost will be provided to you in your one-on-one Cosmetic Consultation.

We incentivize our clients with our Client Loyalty Program where you will gain credits to use towards treatments and products. Refer to our Client Loyalty Program to learn more about how you can earn greater rewards.

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There is no downtime and minimal discomfort and risk. Call our med spa clinic in Naperville to schedule an appointment.

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