Regenerative Injectable Therapy Specialist in Naperville, IL

Regenerative Injectable Therapies are an innovative combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP) with traditional aesthetic injectables, including Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler, Neuromodulator (Botox), and vitamins. Treatments will enhance, smooth, and restore the skin for a more youthful appearance in areas of the face where natural results are difficult to achieve with traditional injection techniques and products alone.

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What Happens During Regenerative Injectable Therapy?

Treatments are approximately 45 – 60 minutes. You should come with clean skin or your makeup will be removed prior to treatment. Depending on the target area, we may use needle, cannula, and/or micro channeling (bundle of tiny injection needles) to deliver the products to the appropriate depth. Topical numbing and ice can be used prior to treatment to lessen the discomfort of piercing the skin. Please notify your provider if you have a lidocaine allergy. Sensations of pinching, stinging, pressure, or slight burning are possible. Once the treatment is complete, you may experience short-term swelling, bruising, redness, and/or dryness. Do not apply makeup until the next day, but you may cleanse your skin and use facial products before bed.

How does the Regenerative Injectable Therapy work?

Regenerative Injectable therapies all utilize the patient’s own sample of PRP, obtained from a blood draw.  Platelets release growth factors, which will help restore, repair, and stimulate new cell growth to improve skin tone, texture, pigment, and structure. When combined with HA filler, there is an added immediate support and/or filling to help with more severely depleted areas. Botox will soften the subtle contractions within the skin to smooth superficial crinkling not remedied with traditional neuromodulator treatment and gives the skin a glowing appearance. Vitamin complexes will aid in targeting pigment and brightening.

Before and after results of skin rejuvenation therapy.

What problems Regenerative Injectable Therapy improve?

  • Volume loss
  • Dehydration
  • Laxity and crepe
  • Dark pigment
  • Lines and wrinkles

Where on the face and body can Regenerative Injectable Therapy be performed?

Common areas for these treatments include the eyes, mouth, neck, and chest.

What is the pre-treatment care?

Come to your appointment with a clean face, no makeup or tinted moisturizer/SPF.

To help decrease chances of bruising, avoid blood thinning medications and supplements for 2 weeks prior. You may use an Arnica Montana supplement starting before treatment and continuing after to aid in reducing bruising and/or time needed to heal bruising.

If you have a history of HSV I (cold sores), notify your provider so that we can give you a prescription for antiviral pretreatment.

Daily use of SPF is recommended as we cannot treat sun burned skin.

Topical numbing will be applied prior to treatment to reduce discomfort. Please notify us if you have an allergy to anesthetics.

What is the post-treatment care?

You may continue to use ice if it is soothing for you. Do not massage or manipulate the treated areas unless directed to by your provider. Keep the injection sites clean. Do not apply make-up until the day after treatment. Regular skin care can be used unless your provider specifies changes. Avoid extended sun exposure to protect freshly treated area as it will be more sensitive and could compromise the results of the treatment.

Who are the best candidates for Regenerative Injectable Therapy?

The best candidates are those with early signs of aging, want natural looking results, and are committed to improving their skin and maintaining results under the direction of a skincare professional. Unlike traditional filler and neuromodulator treatments, some of these therapies can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What results are expected?

Although you will see results with each treatment, this type of regenerative therapy works to stimulate change over time. With follow up treatment or boosters, one should expect an impressive overall improvement, including smoother texture, minimized wrinkles and softened contours.

When can I expect the results?

Although mild swelling may delay final appearance for a few days, you will see some immediate results. As several weeks pass, you will see further improvement from the restorative actions of the PRP. The degree of results will depend on the status of your treatment area at the start, how you protect the area moving forward, and your natural aging process. Treatments or boosters can be done every 8-12 weeks as needed. Your provider will recommend skincare for use at home with daily SPF to enhance and protect the treatment results.

What are the potential risks or side effects?

Slight discomfort is associated with the treatments, even with numbing cream. The skin will feel and may appear swollen for a few days. There is a possibility of bruising, but should be minimal due to the techniques used. Other possible side effects: swelling, redness, stinging, itchy, tender, dry skin. In rare cases: hyper/hypopigmentation, scarring, nodule formation, or infection. Do not apply cosmetics the day of treatment and only use products recommended by your provider post treatment.

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