Tattoo Removal in Naperville, IL

Most Common Reasons for Removing a Tattoo

Tattoos used to be a permanent decision. However, with new technology, physicians can now safely remove unwanted tattoos. There are a variety of reasons to get tattoos removed such as:

1. Allergic Reactions to Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink contains a lot of ingredients and chemicals including mercury, sulfide, aluminum and manganese. If an allergy reaction occurs, your physician may choose to remove the tattoo using laser tattoo removal.

2. Regretting the Decision

When you're 18, getting a butterfly tattoo on your back may seem like a great idea. However, as you get older, you might want to get the tattoo removed if it has lost its meaning.

3. Replacing the Tattoo

Adding on to a tattoo, changing the design of a tattoo or replacing the tattoo with another are all reasons people choose laser tattoo removal.

4. Seeking or Obtaining New Employment

If tattoos are visible, some employers may require you get a tattoo removed before starting work.

Tattoo Removal in Naperville, IL

Our qualified staff at Blue Seas Med Spa provide patients throughout Illinois with cosmetic laser tattoo removal. We've moved a variety of tattoos, including:

  • Name Tattoos
  • Back Tattoos
  • Ankle Tattoos
  • and more!

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